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Run an Intelligent Enterprise with next-generation data warehousing solutions

To compete and win in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, companies need to transform into Intelligent Enterprises. This evolution happens from the inside out – and starts with data.

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Take three steps to get data you can trust

Establish?a data management environment that enables high-quality analytics, and get data?you can rely on to support decision-making, with data warehouse solutions from?SAP.?

Explore next-generation data warehousing

Learn how SAP BW/4HANA simplifies the design and operation of high-performance, scalable, and agile data management architectures.

Choose your SAP software for data warehousing

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Designed for business, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud includes pre-built templates, integration to SAP and other data sources and the power of SAP HANA.

  • Keeps business users and IT in sync, avoiding data silo’s and unexpected costs
  • In-memory data management, including data privacy and anonymization


Build?a flexible, fully-customized data warehouse environment based on an open,?in-memory platform that offers advanced analytics, multiple data engines, and?integration of data types.

  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Multiple tenant databases
  • Integration of data from SAP and non-SAP solutions
  • Conceptual and physical data model tooling


Benefit?from a rapid setup of our integrated data warehouse application based on SAP?HANA in-memory technology, thanks to prebuilt data models.

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • High-volume, real-time data processing
  • Simplified data modeling and administration
  • Intuitive user experience

Why choose data warehousing solutions from SAP?

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Agile development

Develop?smart, real-time applications that combine advanced analytics and transactions?– and deploy them on any device – with SAP HANA.

Support for multiple data types

Unify?all types of data in one solution by combining and collecting data in real time on a single platform.

Data integration

Transform?your data into a trusted, ever-ready resource for business insight with extensive?data integration that allows users to connect data rather than just collect it.

Flexible deployment options

Take?advantage of true hybrid compatibility offered by SAP HANA to develop once and?deploy anywhere with flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options.

What are leading analysts saying about SAP?


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Webinar series: Data Bits and Bites

Get?an overview of SAP products and learn how to optimize enterprise information management?to transform your business.

Podcast series: Let's Talk Data

Explore?data management and data foundations, spatial and machine learning, and?data-based process?and information excellence.

Webinar: Creating a data warehouse on SAP HANA

Learn how SAP?HANA helps you gain insights from a wide range of data types and sources.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

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Gerrit Kazmaier
SAP SVP of Database and Data Management Portfolio

See why SAP HANA leads the way in data management

Consider the?latest operational and analytical advantages that an in-memory computing?platform can bring to you and your company.

Image of Juergen Mueller, who discusses innovation in data warehousing
Juergen Mueller
SAP Chief Technology Officer

Realize dramatic change with consistent innovation

Learn how a strategy of innovation and consistency is infusing analytics?and machine learning features into business applications.

Pam Barrowcliffe
Director, Product Marketing

Bridge the trust gap in your business data

Build trust in your business data by connecting all your data across the enterprise into a unified, highly governed landscape.

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